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Prenatal yoga - Coming to Poukeepsie location on 7/8/19
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Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. A way to maintain a healthy mind and body is prenatal yoga.

Prenatal yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility.

It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.

Baby + Me

Infants to Crawlers - Find your center, relax, and connect with your baby. This class focuses on postures and breathing techniques for Mom. Special attention is given to the realignment of your body - especially your tense shoulders and aching back (consequences of carrying and nursing your growing baby). During the class, you have the option: either your baby can be close to you on the mat or can actually participate in the movements.

Toddler + Me

Crawlers to Walkers - Through yoga, play, creative movement, music making, and song singing parents and children alike will together enjoy experiencing an exuberant expression of their bodies, minds, and spirits..

Grow Yoga

Ages 5 to 8 - Yoga for Kids! The benefits of children's yoga are endless – Through movement, breath, and relaxation, our young yoga students develop self-confidence, self-control and self-awareness. Starting them young on the mat reaps long-term benefits.