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Sound as a Healing with Jessica Caplan

  • Stone Wave Yoga 2694 US 44 Gardiner NY 12525 (map)

SOUND as a Healing with Jessica Caplan
October 27th 2019

Sun 12pm-5pm

with Jessica Caplan

Price: $80

$75 for Stone Wave Yoga Students

$75 for Registered Yoga Instructors + Body Workers

SOUND as a Healing with Jessica Caplan
October 27th 2019
Sunday 12pm-5pm

(Sacred Sound Ritual sound bath $15 add-on from 6-8pm)

Sound is the primal force, literally the seed of creation. When we explore and harness the power of vibration, we empower ourselves with tools for our own wellbeing. We become ‘sound’ in mind and body, finely tuned instruments resonating in harmony with our environment and with all beings.

In this one-day workshop, we will dive into the power of sound as healing modality. We will begin by activating our capacities for deep listening, cultivating a heightened awareness of our inner and outer sonic landscape. The sacred art of listening opens a portal to our highest selves, and to our innate capacity for self-healing. We’ll connect with our first sacred instrument, the voice, as a tool for transformation, manifestation and awakening our intuition, and experience sound as energy that can release blocks and open channels of creativity and imagination. We’ll play traditional sound healing instruments, such as Himalayan and crystal bowls, shruti box, tuning forks, drums, and chimes, and learn how they work on body, mind, and spirit.

Expect a playful, meditative, exploratory experience that incorporates movement, sounding, listening, and tapping into your inner child. A curiosity mind and open heart is all that’s required; absolutely no experience with sound or music necessary!

This workshop is for you if:

-you’ve experienced sound baths/sound healing and want to know more about how they work

-you notice how sound/music affects you, and are curious to learn more about this phenomenon

-you want to cultivate a deeper way of listening in your life

-you’re interested in exploring sound as a tool for wellbeing, meditation, and self-development

-you want to bring more calm and ease into your daily life through simple, accessible practices