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One Day Goddess Retreat: Awaken Your Authentic Power at Stone Wave Yoga, Gardiner

  • Stone Wave Yoga 2694 U.S. 44 Gardiner, NY, 12525 United States (map)

11am - Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Sabina will guide us through the Sacred Cacao Ceremony followed by empowerment workshop where you will learn how to upgrade your life with superfood and superherbs, why detoxification is important, the most powerful tools to detoxify the body, mind, and spirit, how to decalcify and activate the pineal gland, own and reveal your shadow to shine in your brightest light, and drink ceremonial cacao for heart opening and connecting to your bliss
BIO: Sabina has devoted her life toTransformation and Empowerment and supporting others on their path to Healing. Being confronted from an early age with many health challenges, she has embarked on a  journey of profound self-healing with Mother Nature's medicine.  This has led to a grander mission of sharing all healing modalities she explored on herself in the "Sacred Warrior Path" so others can experience the same miraculous results. The program is based on Sabina's own deep inner work and research of 25 years being on the spiritual journey, the immense wealth of teachings she received from many masters & healers and the culmination of wisdom from many ancient traditions. Sabina trusts that the healer lies within and she is here to guide others to facilitate their own healing and reconnect them to their inner power.

1:30pm - The World Needs A Woman's Voice
Our most precious instrument lies between heart and mind...
Reclaim your true voice. Liberate your unique expression. Awaken lightness of being. Express darkness. Listen deeply. Be an integral voice. Bond. Be seen and heard. Speak truth to yourself. Create beauty. Contribute value.
In this workshop, we explore our voice as a tool for greater self awareness, healing, bonding, contribution and transformation. Conscious, fearless, speech, wordless singing, harmony, chant, deep meditative silences, talking circles, community song and spontaneous jams…


Today’s Renaissance woman is juggling so much. Fatigue and brain fog can settle in. How do we find ways to schedule in time to restore and stay in our highest power? In this session, we will journey together to identify and cultivate the tools of restoration. We will learn the breath of calm and the Mudra of cleansing. Let’s refill, restore and come back into our life ready to pour out all the goodness and love that we can: changing the world with our strength, calm and authentic love.

4:30pm - Nature Inspired Movement

Kick off your shoes and release all your tension through movement,. No experience required.

5:00pm - Closing intention circle

I am an inspirational speaker, teacher, writer & performer. I am a contemplative, an artist, an idealist, optimist, a dreamer and someone who likes to bring people together for positive evolution.
I shine a light on the inner voice, the one true voice, and the importance of each one of us becoming fully intimate and aligned with our own. I believe if humans did this on a massive scale it would change our world.
I believe that there is one true voice within each of us and also one true human voice. My intention is to motivate people to the highest integrity within themselves, to bring the ultimate version of themselves to life. I live every day to achieve the same in myself.
We’re on this earth for a reason and a purpose that is unique to each of us. We’re here to learn something and to make an offering. The work for each of us is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of completing our personal life’s mission. I believe that we have come together at this time to create a world that clearly expresses the full capacity of the human spirit.


$60 early bird / $55 early bird for SWY members - if you sign up by Nov. 1st

After Nov 1st:
$75 regular price / $65 for SWY members