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Foundations 2: Alignment, Transitions, Breath with Lisa Bermudez + Liz Glover Wilson

Lisa Bermudez, E-RYT® 500
Liz Glover Wilson, RYT® 500
1PM - 3:30PM
$45 for both days / $30 for single day

Do you find yourself holding your breath when concentrating on a specific pose or poses? Are you still struggling with what to do with that back leg when the class moves from Warrior 2 to Triangle Pose? Are you unsure what the teacher means when she or he tells you to move through your “vinyasa” or your “flow? Have you been practicing for years and want to understand the deeper alignment in the asanas you move through in almost every yoga class?

Do you naturally have open hips? Do you know you can consciously strengthen them as you move through your yoga practice? Do you naturally have tight hamstrings? Do you know you can consciously stretch them safely throughout your yoga practice?

Are you a newer yogi with a basic understanding of the poses? Are you an advanced practitioner looking to move a little deeper in your practice?

This workshop is for you.

Join Lisa Bermudez, E-RYT-500, along with Liz Glover Wilson, RYT-500 for a two part foundations class focusing on deeper alignment, safe transitions, and consciously incorporating the breath into your practice. This workshop is for all levels, and a great followup to our Foundations 1 Series (You are welcome to attend Foundations 2 without having taken Foundations 1)