vickie messinger

My love for yoga started around 4 years ago. I took my first hot class after a day of climbing to let my muscles relax and I fell in love immediately. I was amazed by the immediate physical results, but even more so by the mental state and community achieved through daily practice. I was able to find a perfect balance between nurturing myself and finding my edge. To practice being comfortable while being uncomfortable. Not to sound dramatic, but it was completely life changing. I wanted to be able to provide that same safe space of creativity and focus for other people, so I completed my 200hour certification. After that, I began to branch out and study other types of yoga I felt (and still feel!) passionate about. Now the goal in all of my classes is to provide a welcoming and safe space for people to dig a little deeper. Whatever that means to them. I invite people to push their boundaries mindfully and to have a lil fun with it. I believe yoga is for everybody and any body. I like to move and groove and find what feels right- which is ever changing. I invite you to come explore that with me! "