michael stein

Michael Stein has been practicing yoga for many lifetimes but still hasn’t quite
figured it out. During his most recent incarnation he has been teaching for thirty
years. His parents first introduced him to the asanas at the age of five and then
tricked him into joining them on multiple yoga holidays by promising that they
were en route to Disneyland. He was the Director of Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz
and then co-Director of Yogalive where he led many workshops, teacher trainings
and the like. Nothing makes Michael happier than imparting his love of yoga to
students. His classes blend traditional Hatha Yoga with Ashtanga, Pilates,
Restorative and some truly awful anecdotes. He has taught workshops in NYC,
New Jersey, New Paltz and Bath, England but still has not made it to Disneyland.