Michelledana Shafran

Michelledana Shafran is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, and Percussionist, and Dance/Movement Therapist with an MS in Creative Arts Therapy.

Michelledana has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2013, studying with Bonnie Ringer, who studied under Sri Dharma Mittra. Michelledana has been continuously teaching Yoga to both adults and children in the Hudson Valley since that time. She joyfully invites musicians, such as flutists, a cellist, and percussionists (playing chimes, singing bowls, gongs, and drums), etc., to accompany the classes so as to include live audio aesthetic to further enhance one’s vibratory and energetic experience. Incorporating her extensive experience with dance performance and choreography, and through caring, thoughtful, and creative instruction, Michelledana gently encourages and positively inspires people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, to MOVE and BE MOVED.

Michelledana has been dancing, performing, and choreographing movement for over 25 years. Dance training began when Michelledana was six years old, with Jazz and Ballet, and by her 20s had expanded to include Modern and West African Dance. Michelledana has since extensively studied and performed a variety of other dance styles, including Israeli Folk and Ballroom Dance from dance studios in NYC, Tel Aviv, and in the Hudson Valley.

Michelledana has worked with people young and old in community centers, schools, camps, hospitals and nursing homes, producing dance shows for holidays and special events. Teaching, choreographing, and performing nationally and internationally has gifted Michelledana with immense knowledge of the incredible mechanics and wonders of body movement in symbiotic relationship to emotional expression.

It is part of Michelledana’s life purpose to share the incredible gifts of Yoga, dance, and movement with EVERY body.