Intuitive Sound Immersion
October 26th - 27th 2019

Sat 9am-5pm / Sun 9am-5pm (ending with Sacred Sound Ritual sound bath 6-8pm)

with Jessica Caplan

Price: $395

$375 for Stone Wave Yoga Students

$325 for Registered Yoga Instructors + Body Workers

Sound is the primal force, literally the seed of creation. When we learn to work with, explore, and harness the power of vibration, we empower ourselves with tools for our own wellbeing and for the good of others. We become ‘sound’ in mind and body, finely tuned instruments resonating in harmony with our environment and with all beings. In this weekend workshop, we will deep dive into the power of sound as healing modality, weaving together theory and history with hands-on experiential learning. We will begin by activating our capacities for deep listening, cultivating a heightened awareness of our inner and outer sonic landscape. The sacred art of listening opens a portal to our highest selves, and to our innate capacity for self- healing. We’ll connect with our first instrument, the voice, as a tool for transformation, manifestation and awakening our intuition, experience sound as energy, and learn how to play traditional sound healing instruments, such as Himalayan and crystal bowls, shruti box, tuning forks, and more. Among the topics explored will be resonance, cymatics, entrainment, the therapeutics of rhythm and drone, vocal toning, and the anatomy of a sound bath. Participants will leave the training with inspiration and tools to create their own personal sound practice, and where applicable, to use sound within their own healing work. Teachers, bodyworkers, yoga instructors, musicians, therapists, healers, and absolutely anyone curious about the power of sound and deep listening are welcome. No musical experience necessary.


Jessica Caplan is a certified sound practitioner, vocalist and yoga teacher. She is passionate about creating heart-centered experiences that weave together music, movement, self-connection and deep listening, with community. A yoga teacher since 2006, and a singer all her life, Jessica’s love of music and the healing arts merged several years ago when she began to study sound healing. She graduated from the Open Center’s year-long training at the Sound and Music Institute in 2013, and since then has facilitated sound baths, workshops, retreats, and trainings in voice and the art of therapeutic sound. Jessica has offered her work in voice and sound at CUNY Graduate Center, the Rubin Museum, the Jewish Theological Seminary, ABC Carpet & Home, Pioneer Works, Unifier Festival, Envision Festival, Montessori schools, and many yoga studios, and for populations as diverse as young children, the elderly, and spiritual caregivers. As a vocal guide, Jessica provides her students an embodied, loving approach to reawakening the connection to the voice, and through that, with themselves. She is a Reiki practitioner, and continues her studies of sound healing, yoga, Native traditions, shamanic practices, and classical Indian music. Jessica is also the co-creatrix of SoundMind (, an audio meditation series combining guided meditation with therapeutic sound. Her work has been covered in the New York Times Magazine, the Observer, and on CBS news. She is currently based in the Hudson Valley.