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YOGABUNDANCE - Coming Soon - Sign up for one or both - Great for Everyone! Teens too!

SOUND HEALING - Sunday, May 20th at 6PM - with Jessica Caplan and Sean Hoots

NIA FREEDANCE - Sunday, May 27th at 11AM - Sign up and dance!



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How do I start?
You just need to take that first step into the studio. Whether you are a brand new beginner or seasoned yogi, truly you can come to any of our classes. Pace yourself, practice at your level, rest when needed. 

You don't need to be "flexible" or have "done yoga" before. If you have them, bring a mat, towel & water. If not, we have free to use mats & towels & water. Wear comfortable clothes that you would wear for a work-out & know you may sweat. Arrive about 15 minutes early to get settled in.

vinyasa/core flow

all levels

Invigorating & strength building.

Class encourages practitioners to explore getting upside-down & may incorporate some arm balances & deeper backbends.

We recommend that students seeking to take these classes

feel confident, safe, & strong throughout classic sun salutations.


stretch and breathe

all levels

Wake up your body with this gentle, flexibility focused class. 

Perfect for preworkout.

Gentle vinyasa flow

all levels

This is a perfect class for beginners.

It is also appropriate for those working with injury, those with limited mobility,

or for those who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga.

Class focuses on breathing, gentle flow movements, and passive/supported poses.

Vinyasa w/opt. Acupuncture Spa

all levels

Work and Release

One hour Vinyasa flow class followed by 3o min of acupuncture.

evening flow

all levels

Arrive on your mat after a full, busy day. 

Evening Flow yoga will combine a multitude of techniques, stemming from a vinyasa-based style. 

With an emphasis on breath, you can get ready to flow, move into standing poses, & finally,

cap the evening off with gentler stretching, encouraging the body to open & soften. 

This class is suitable for most, though a basic understanding of the physical postures is encouraged.

yoga 101


For those new to yoga, or those looking to really dig into the basics. Come learn the language and classic postures.

yoga fundamentals

all levels

Perfect for Beginners.

Class focuses on exploring deeper the basic language and postures.

Get to know where you are in your practice and develop the tools to take your practice to the next level.


all levels

Wake up your body. 

Class consists of Vinyasa flow & focuses on increasing circulation, attention to breath-work, & intention setting for the day.



L2 & L3

Challenge your body.

This class is a steady, dynamic Vinyasa flow that focuses on

increasing strength, balance, flexibility, & breath control with an emphasis on your core. 

Prior yoga experience is recommended. 


alignment flow

L2 & L3

Focus on finding you alignment in any posture.

This flowing structure includes sun salutations, standing poses, forward bends, twists, hip openers, backbends, & inversions.

All this balanced between the power of breath & the freedom of health that evolves from

anatomical precision & alignment from Iyengar & Anusara Yoga.

grow yoga

kids ages 5-8 & 9-12

After School Program

45 min of yoga (with optional 15 minutes of creative time) to help your little one relax & unwind after school.

Through movement, breath & relaxation our young yoga students develop self-confidence, self-control & self-awareness.

Starting them young on the mat reaps long-term benefits in both their physical & mental states of wellness.

bhakti beat flow

L2 & L3

Elevate your practice with storytelling, philosophy and a funky vinyasa flow.

This dynamic class gives students the freedom to link movement and breathe while delivering a strong message

to uplift you physically and spiritually.

Expect to practice fun sequencing and expand your mind set leaving students feeling

more connected, compassionate and loving. 

candlelight yin/restorative

all levels

Heal and restore with this slow paced practice.

This class is a perfect compliment to an active, busy or fast paced life style

giving you balance to heal and meditate the body and mind.

Students can expect to hold seated or lying down postures for long periods of time while finding support with props.

This practice teaches us patience and to be fully present while calming the nervous system and

releasing tension built up in the deep connective tissue.

Relax by candlelight leaving you feeling rejuvenated and nourished.

nia technique

all levels

Work up a sweat & dance your Yoga!

Nia Movement Technique combines ideas & postures from Yoga, modern dance, & martial arts & sets them to music.

Class focuses on the Joy of Movement.


L2 & L3

Unroll your yoga mat for an invigorating full-body flow. 

Class explores the yoga postures & fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. 

By holding poses longer you will elongate muscles & build strength through the use of

free weights & strength training like squats, lunges, & bicep curls. 


L2 & L3

Emphasis on proper alignment of the body and use of breath; poses are sequenced and sustained;

options allow you to choose the level of physical intensity right for your body.

mat pilates

all levels

Mat Pilates borrows from disciplines such as dance, yoga and classic calisthenics.

Stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core - which span from your hips to your shoulders.


L2 & L3

Prepare to sweat as you briskly move through a set sequence. 

Ashtanga is a dynamic, physically demanding practice

synchronizing breath & movement to produce internal heat designed to purify the body & mind.  

It is great for building core strength and toning the body.

This class will be Ashtanga Yoga combined with Chinese Medicine Practices to deliver

flows that are spiritually rooted, physically challenging, & fun. 

yoga dynamics

all levels

Small group classes with individualized attention.

Class focuses on getting to know your body, learning to adjust for

strengths & weaknesses, & building your own personal practice.

Class is an hour & a half and taught by certified Yoga Therapist Cheryl Kiviat.

Please note: this class is not included in our class packages; reservations required.

Community yoga

all levels

Evening Flow accompanied by live music. 

Class focuses on energized flow transitioning into restorative/supported postures.

Class is followed by an optional reception with food, drink, & communion.


all levels

Perfect for Mama’s-to-be.

This class will focus on the most therapeutic postures for mothers at any stage of their pregnancy. 

We will work on calming & nurturing breathing, safely stretch, stay fit,

& prepare for the next chapter of their baby's & their body's journey.

yoga & sound healing

all levels

Open your body up to the healing vibrations of sound.

Combination gentle flow and meditation class with live therapeutic music.


family yoga

all levels

Share yoga with your family.

Bi-Monthly Vinyasa style class. Kids 10+ Welcome and Free.

Class focuses on making yoga fun and accessible for all. 


  • Drop In - $15
  • 10 Class Pass: $99
  • 5 Class Pass: $65
  • One Month Unlimited - $75
  • 6 Month Unlimited: $70 (auto renew)
  • One-Year Membership, Auto-Renew: $65 per month
  • Students (with ID) and Seniors get 10% discount off of monthly packages
  • Prenatal Yoga Special Packages Available
  • Private sessions available - contact us for pricing / booking
  • Yoga Dynamics: Beginner Special - 4 Classes for $80


(Classes are one hour)

Are you a beginner? Just coming back to yoga? Uncertain where you belong? If so, we recommend the following classes or scheduling a private introductory class: Yoga Fundamentals - Gentle / Restorative - Yoga Dynamics (see pricing below)

CHILDCARE AVAILABLE FOR SELECT CLASSES - $10/per child - reserve in advance at 845-419-5219 or email

*For your convenience, it is possible to book your class or package online at any time. You can choose to pay online in advance or when you arrive at the studio. Stone Wave Yoga accepts all major credit cards as well as cash and check!