Liz Glover Wilson

"Yoga is a healing remedy that comes from within ourselves."

Liz has been practicing and studying yoga for nearly 18 years. As a runner, cyclist, and former spinning instructor, Bikram was her first introduction to yoga and over time she explored Kripalu and other disciplines. She currently holds RYT-200 Yoga and Prenatal Yoga certifications. She is continuing towards completing her RYT-500 and Reiki Training this year. She is always a student of the practice; grateful for all that her teachers and students have imparted.

She believes that the art of pranayama can center us and a regular yoga practice can heal us.  As a long time practitioner of Yoga and a lover of nature, Liz has a deep-seeded commitment to the art of self-discovery and healing. About 9 years ago, Liz had a vision for a wellness, art and yoga center in Gardiner, NY. In early 2017, that vision became a reality and she says, "Every day, I walk right into my Dharma! It is such a beautiful gift."

Her expansive approach to life folds nicely into the Stone Wave Yoga philosophy, which is “come as you are!” Liz enjoys teaching a variety of classes; allowing her to meet students where they are at. As Liz says, “One of the things that I love the most about teaching yoga is observing the energy shift in people by the end of class and knowing each class has given them more expansion and breath; affecting their lives in a positive way.”

She also truly wants communities, religious or not, who sometimes struggle with ancient yogic philosophies and how they relate to their own spiritual journey to find a way to benefit from a yoga practice.  As a devoted Christian, Liz has been able to integrate her yogic training with her own spiritual journey and cares to help others find their way too. 

Come as you are!

Liz teaches: Yoga Fundamentals + Sunrise Yoga + Prenatal + Core + Sculpt + Core + Evening Flow Vinyasa + Private Individual and Group Classes + Workshops

Laura Faye Walls

Laura teaches Kripalu yoga, a lineage that empowers practitioners to initiate a gradual process of physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening.  Laura learned to view yoga as a technology comprised of a systemically developed set of information, skills, and processes that are needed to create, develop, and innovate.

For Laura, yoga technology is the use of breath, movement & stillness techniques to perform asana and meditation and achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit. 

Own Your Own Yoga is Laura’s concept for using the technology of yoga to design your own yoga practice in a manner that meets your individual needs anytime and anywhere, on your mat and off it. 

Laura holds a 200 hour teacher training certificate from the Kripalu Yoga Center.

Laura teaches: Kripalu/Gentle Yoga

Cheryl Kiviat

"Practicing yoga is like placing a crystal vase on a glass table in a room with no sound." 
Allan Bateman  

A Stone Wave Yoga Partner Program: Yoga Dynamics

Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist, Cheryl Kiviat says that she doesn't teach classes, she teaches individuals a personal practice, a handful of students at a time. Her students have been refining their practice with her for over 20 years.

Cheryl believes most in working to achieve "a sound mind, in a sound body". With this in mind, coupled with her training in Preventive and Rehabilitative Therapies, she created her brand, Yoga Dynamics, a body-mind-spirit wellness practice designed to the individual. 

Besides her small group classes she teaches both private and semi private sessions.

Cheryl is an avid hiker and teaches full time in the mountains of Ringwood NJ where she lives with her husband David, when they are not in Gardiner. She has had the honor of attending women in labor and delivery as a doula. Her biggest pride and joy are her children, Trevor and Raina.

Cheryl is an awesome instructor. Under Cheryl's guidance, my posture is greatly improved and I am far more flexible than I ever remember. I would highly recommend Yoga Dynamics to everyone - even someone who believes that yoga is not for them. Barbara M.

Cheryl is the best yoga teacher I know. A gifted,knowledgable woman who really cares. She is the best! Gives individual attention to all her students,no matter their problems. Irene F.

 Cheryl Teaches: Yoga Dynamics: Individual Attention (not group led)

Lori Beers

A born and raised Hudson Valley native, Lori has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and now teaching since 2015. 

Lori practices and teaches with a strong foundation based in alignment.  Her passion for the physiology of the human body allows for her students to go deeper into proper form within their postures.  Slower, but more intentional vinyasa facilitates both safety and the ability to go deeper into the practice.  These classes, based in the vinyasa style, link breath and movement, creating a delicate balance of strength, flexibility and meditation.  

Find more information about her on her website-

Lori teaches: Alignment Flow

Hanna Trocme Weare

Nia – Through Movement We Find Health

Hanna received her Nia White Belt training in 2008 at the Center for Nia and Yoga in Albany, NY where her love for expressive dancing became a passion for teaching this dynamic, effective and fun method for self-healing through movement.  The only side-effects to this movement medicine are increased flexibility, strength, coordination and health of body, mind, spirit and soul.

Nia is about relaxing into the moment, learning to trust your body and having fun moving in community – all the while creating sustainable cardio-fitness.  Nia is the perfect compliment to a yoga practice, as well as to running, hiking, cycling, swimming and climbing.  Nia can be practiced by anybody – even those with two left feet!

Hanna brings her love of all things sacred, transformative and body-based to her Nia teaching.  Hanna is trained in Somatic counseling and is a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker who rejoices in diving deep into the physical, energetic and emotional bodies to facilitate healing states for her clients.

Hanna teaches: Nia

Marika LaFemina

Marika LaFemina melds Ashtanga Yoga with Chinese Medicine to deliver classes that are spiritually rooted, physically challenging, and fun.

Trained at the Himalaya Yoga Valley (Goa, India) in 2010, Marika has taught in India, Australia, Europe, and now New York! Marika moved to New Paltz with her husband and partner in all things, Michael, in 2016, where they opened Golden Light Acupuncture, a clinic that treats children and adults with Chinese Medicine. 

Michael LaFemina

Michael LaFemina is the founder of Meditation for Families and Meditate New Paltz. In addition to teaching meditation to adults and children privately, he has taught yoga and meditation at Columbia University Medical Center and is the Mindfulness Instructor at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. 

A New York native who has dedicated his life to self cultivation and spiritual practice, Michael spent two years living in ashrams (yoga monasteries) practicing full-time volunteer service and living the yogic life. He is a licensed acupuncturist, focusing on holistic body-mind healing through a hands-on and minimalist approach in his clinics in New Paltz and New York City (Golden Light Acupuncture). Michael also holds a Masters degree in Education. 

Liz Zangara

After graduating from Brooklyn College with BA in Women’s Studies, Liz began her career counseling women. Her workin the NYC shelter system, domestic violence shelters and at rape crisis centers helped her to see that healing is best achieved by understanding and treating the symbiosis between the emotional and the physical.

Liz returned to school in 1997 and began to study Chinese Medicine and Bodywork. She received a Massage Certificate from Emperors College in Santa Monica California and a Master of Acupuncture from Pacific College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Liz has been practicing since 2002. In 2007 she became certified as a birth doula. She has attended many births (home and hospital) as both an acupuncturist and doula.  

Most recently, Liz completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. She works with clients to combine yoga with acupuncture to create spiritual, emotion and physical healing and well being. These experiences have culminated in Liz’s current practice, which combines coaching, yoga, acupuncture and body work to help her clients realize their full physical and emotional potential.  Liz believes yoga is the journey to yourself.

Liz Zangara Teaches: Warm Power

Jaime Reynolds

Jaime developed her love of yoga through taking karma yoga gigs throughout North America. It was a great way to see many different teaching styles and studios. In 2011 Jaime received her 200hr certification comes from Dana Flynn at Laughing Lotus. In 2013 she completed the rigorous Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training consisting of over 700hrs of study. In 2017 she was certified by The Little Yoga House for teaching yoga to kids. Throughout her time teaching she has continued to study with her mentor, Mary Richardson, in Austin, Texas. 

Jaime aims invigorate her students with the strength to explore, test, and re-acquaint themselves with their unchanging nature. She loves teaching students of ALL levels and ALL ages through vinyasa and hatha flow, hatha basic, yin, and restorative. She hopes to practice and learn from you!

Jaime teaches: Core + Gentle Vinyasa Flow + Yoga Fundamentals

Kathy O'Dowd

"I believe yoga is a path home to your true self."

Kathy O'Dowd has been following the path of yoga for more than 20 years. Her love for yoga has many layers that radiate off the mat. She completed her 200 hour yoga training at Happy Buddha in Goshen, NY and also has a specialty in teaching children’s yoga from Radiant Child.

Being a professional educator, with a Masters in Early Childhood Education, she has found it invaluable to offer her students the many gifts of yoga in the classroom as well as the studio setting. Kathy offers a playful experience that guides children to tap into their own joy. Through movement, breath, and relaxation, students develop self-confidence, self-control, and self-awareness. 

Children end class feeling uplifted and ready to give their best.  Kathy loves living here in Gardiner where we are surrounded by the beauty of nature, always preferring to be outside hiking, biking or playing in the garden.

Kathy Teaches: Grow Yoga

Luke Hamilton

Ranked within the top 20 best acupuncturists in NYC by, Luke Hamilton, MS, L.Ac, is an acupuncturist on the rise. In practice since 2006, his unique style blends his trainings in acupuncture, Chinese medical massage (Tui Na), martial arts and corrective excercise (qi gong). He is a graduate of Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

Luke maintains busy practices in Manhattan, the NY Hudson Valley (Kingston), and is also pioneering medical service missions in remote villages in the Peruvian Andes, having served thousands of Native Quechua since 2012 on philanthropic trips, as a solo practitioner and in partnership with DESEA Peru as well as having rounds in volunteer hospital Kausay Wasi. He also volunteers with Global Alternative Healthcare Project and other organizations, participating in medical service trips to Arizona Navajo Nation, North Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, Indonesia, Guatemala, and at home with the non-profit organization, Family of Woodstock.

Luke has been practicing martial arts since 2001 and is a certified Chen-style Tai Chi teacher through the lineage of his teacher, Master Changrong Sun, a 12th-generation Chen-style Master. Luke is also a proud sponsor of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby (since 2008) and was part of the medic team for the 2010 WFTDA National Champions.

Luke Teaches: Tai Chi Qigong

Susan DeRyder

Susan is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Now settled in the Hudson Valley, she is excited to offer her enriching yoga classes within her new found community. Susan completed her Yoga Teacher Training at The Life Centre in London, UK in 2007. She has deepened her practice with travel to India and South America. She has a strong background in Ashtanga yoga as well as vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga. Back in the UK she offered healing yoga and detox retreats as part of her business ‘Twist & Sprout.’ Susan is also a trained massage therapist. More recently she has been offering deeply healing yoga and sound meditations along with her partner, Shawn.

Susan believes the most effective way to become connected to your body is through practice, deep listening and patience leading you to acknowledge and accept the uniqueness of yourself. From here you will always reach your fullest potential.

Susan Teaches: Evening Flow + Substitute Teacher

Sam Phelan

"The body is the garden of the soul"-Deepak Chopra.

Yoga is a practice. It has the power to transform your mind, body and soul. Sam has learned by practicing you find strength, clarity, flexibility, mindfulness, inner balance, mental wellness and so much more. She believes where you direct your energy you find light and what you neglect sinks into the shadows.

Sam received her 200hr RYT under Maggie-Niel in New Paltz, NY.  She has learned everybody and every unique body can benefit from yoga always and in all ways.

Her vinyasa style classes include pranayama breathing, chakra guided meditation and an alignment based flow joining movement with breath.

Off the mat her passions include singing, climbing the Gunks, woodworking, hiking, swimming MDSA, reading three books at the same time and rainy day naps with her fur babies.

"The art in asana practice is in assessing yourself to your needs and be respectful of your individuality."-Indra Mohan

Amy Laber

Amy introduced herself to the practice of yoga in her college bedroom with a 28 day yoga instructional paperback. After experiencing yoga’s deep benefits for the mind and body, she was hooked on the practice upon completing the book. Amy soon began studying the style of ashtanga yoga under the instruction of Michael Stein at Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz, where she received her first 200 hour teaching certificate.  She has since received a second 200 hour teaching certificate from Vitality Yoga Flow, training in Silver Sneakers Yoga (chair yoga) and developed a musical yoga class for preschool aged children. 

Amy has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has had students ranging from age 3-90.   She loves teaching students of all levels, backgrounds and abilities. Her classes are an un-fixed intuitive flow, which tap into the specific energies and needs of each group. 

In addition to teaching yoga, Amy is a singer-songwriter, early childhood music teacher, children’s librarian, and lover of animals, nature and a creative life!

Raven Casey

"Yoga is a mind-set"

Raven Casey received her yoga training in 2017 at Vitality Yoga Flow in New Paltz, NY where her love for yoga and pranayama really turned into a consistent practice. Before her training, she had been attending yoga classes for about 8 solid years. Off her mat, she’s a certified elementary school teacher, but is taking some time before committing to a school district. Regardless, she finds children’s perspectives grounding and poignant.

Raven is also a maker of things: she likes to write poems, articles, and letters, make kombucha, paint, grow plants, and is dabbling in the world of sourdough bread. When she is not creating, you can find her traveling, hiking, or picnicking with her rabbit in the Hudson Valley. No matter where you find her, Raven will probably have an essential oil or two in her pocket and a notebook by her side.  

Raven Teaches: Grow Yoga + Warm Vinyasa